Here’s a nice peek at at some golden oldies, including my last five Blu-ray reviews and some of my favorite interviews and other articles.

Last 5 Blu-ray Reviews

These are a few of my favorite things…

Ben Schwartz on Gaming, His Emmy and Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja
If you aren’t familiar with the name Ben Schwartz, you probably should be. He’s voicing the title character for what’s about to become one of your kid’s favorite TV shows.

Manliest Barbershops in America
Men’s Health
Which shops are a cut above the rest?

The 25 Manliest Homes in America
Men’s Health
If a man’s home is his kingdom, consider these design marvels the new Camelots.

8 Gadgets That Can Improve Your Life
Woman’s Day
Streamline your daily routine with these high-tech tools—all under $125.

Klipsch HD Theater 500 Review
Recession-ready HD theater rocks the house.

10 Best Gadgets for Guys
Digital Trends
Here are a few not-so-obvious additions sure to get any gadget freak’s testosterone flowing.

DIYer Sets Sail in Pirate-Themed Theater
Electronic House
Yo ho, yo ho — this “Pirates of the Caribbean”-themed theater has plenty of booty for A/V geeks to gaze upon.

6 Celebs That Can Turn Your Girl Geek
Geek Monthly
What would Ben Linus get you?

Happy Endings: The 6 Best TV Finales
TV Fodder
In honor of the departure of “Six Feet Under,” we look at the best TV endings of all-time.