Bake Like a Geek!


I love to make all sorts of treats. Cupcakes, cookies, candy, and other confections allow me to be creative and (usually) delicious simultaneously. However, baking can also be geeky! Recently, I spoke with Tara Theoharis, the self-proclaimed Geeky Hostess and creator of Geeky Sprinkles. Geeky Sprinkles are exactly you think they are, but it’s pretty […]

O Captain! My Captain!


Recently, I had to review the Blu-ray for the 2013 film, Captain Phillips. Despite starring Tom Hanks, I just wasn’t that excited to watch the movie. Don’t ask me why, but I don’t think the 134-minute runtime was helping matters. What a nice little surprise. Captain Phillips was a really good film. After watching it, […]

When Theater Rooms Go Retro


From classic Hollywood to mod, there are plenty of homes combining an old look with modern technology. [Click to Read More!]

Beats Music is Coming!


The streaming service will soon be available on the web, as well as iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. [Click to Read More!]

5 Disney Movie Picks for 2014


Miyazaki, Marvel, Muppets, and Maleficent—oh my! Check out what the House of Mouse has planned for this year. [Click to Read More!]

LG to Launch 12 Ultra HD TVs in 2014


Tons of eye-popping TVs are coming this year, including a 105-incher with a 4K resolution and a 21:9 aspect ratio. [Click to Read More!]

The Lone Ranger Rides Again!


The Lone Ranger Blu-ray Hi-Yo, Silver — and maybe stay away from this movie. [Click to Read More!]

Reason #1121 to Marry Batman…


Some seriously bad-ass movie nights in the Batcave! Read about some of the other Bruce Wayne-worthy features of this home in my article, “Buy This Batman Home Theater,” on Electronic House.

4 Favorite Star Trek Theaters


Go boldly where you’ve never gone before — inside a bunch of strangers’ homes. [Click to Read More!]

No Time for Love, Dr. Jones


Paramount creates its own bit of treasure by boxing up the adventurer’s theatrical films with a whole disc of extras. [Click to Read More!]