GeekySprinklesI love to make all sorts of treats. Cupcakes, cookies, candy, and other confections allow me to be creative and (usually) delicious simultaneously. However, baking can also be geeky! Recently, I spoke with Tara Theoharis, the self-proclaimed Geeky Hostess and creator of Geeky Sprinkles. Geeky Sprinkles are exactly you think they are, but it’s pretty interesting how they came about. Tara is looking to bring her Geeky Sprinkles to kitchens everywhere sometime this summer — assuming that her Kickstarter campaign is funded..

Who knew sprinkles could be so difficult?

Find out more about that, as well as how you can “Sprinkle Some Geek Into Your Baking With Geeky Sprinkles” over at GeekMom.