Apparently, Heineken wants to be synonymous with party people, so the Netherlands-based company has come up with Heineken Ignite, a smart bottle that does — what exactly?

Well, it lights up to interact with other Ignite bottles and your surroundings. It can do all of those flashy things via eight LEDs, an 8-bit microprocessor, an accelerometer, and a wireless network transceiver.

According to PSFK, Heineken Ignite made its big debut at Milan Design Week, so I’m a little late to this party. It’s sort of cool, but I don’t see myself ever getting a 12-pack of these things. At the very least, I could see this coming in handy when you inevitably drop your keys on the floor of a crowded club. Take a peek at the video above and see what you think.

“The intent of the Heineken Ignite project was to develop an idea that would create a memorable Heineken experience unlocking the power and possibilities of mobile innovation and technology,” said Heineken in an announcement. If that’s the case, then well done.

Being a GeekMom, I love me some geeky beverages, but I’m not sure that I need light shining in my face when I’m consuming them. Also, I’m thinking it should light up when it’s been sitting for too long, not the other way around. That seems like a missed opportunity right there.