Who’s got two thumbs and a Hallmark holiday circled on the calendar? This mom right here.

Every year, my husband and son typically get me flowers, a card, and a reservation somewhere for Mother’s Day. It’s insanely appreciated and really more than I need. Last year, it was an added bonus that my son swallowed a loose tooth during our brunch outing. Since he didn’t choke on it, it’s ok… we can laugh about it now. Frankly, he needed a little something to slow him down from mowing down the restaurant’s fruit cart. Also, my underwear drawer is already filled to the brim with Tooth Fairy booty.

That said, if you’re looking for a little something extra to give mom this holiday, here are three lovely (but sort of late) selections that won’t break the bank.


Onion Goggles
This mom likes a good cry — but not when that cry is initiated by cutting onions. My husband got me a pair of these a year or so ago. They make me feel like a superhero and work like magic. [About $20 on Amazon.]


Roku 3
My family doesn’t have to buy this for me. They may not even realize it, but we already own it. I reviewed this compact box last month (see my Roku 3 Review on Big Picture Big Sound), so I speak from experience by saying your mom/spouse will love this. It provides access to over 750 channels of entertainment and if mom doesn’t want to share it with you or hear your snarky comments, it has a built-in headphone jack. [$99 on Amazon.]


Wonder Woman Apron
It says you think mom is one of the greatest superheros that ever donned a pair of go-go boots. It also says you love the dinners that she makes and feel badly that those leave her with so many stained shirts. [$18.99 on Amazon.]