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A few weeks ago, a new DVD came out called Curious George Swings Into Spring. If you’re too cheap to go out and buy one, get ready to fire up the DVR. PBS Kids will be airing the one-hour special absolutely free for you cheap-Os, in honor of Earth Day.

Around this house, we’re pretty big fans of this little monkey. In fact, I am dreading the day where my son is completely over the whole Curious George thing, because I’ve always enjoyed the books, the movie, the TV show and all of the merchandise. In other words, this DVD was a must-have.

It’s important to note that the animation on this special isn’t like the movie, but is more on par with the PBS series. That said, this little monkey is as curious as ever, mainly about the concept of spring. At the beginning, George discovers that spring is that season in the middle of winter and summer — but as Hundley the dog notes, “It’s a new mess that George didn’t know how to make yet.”

To George and The Man with The Yellow Hat, spring is all about breaking into song in the park. To Hundley and the Doorman, it’s time for some spring cleaning. Hmm… one of those sounds like a much more appealing special for children, doesn’t it? However, a busted pipe has the building’s residents seeking alternate shelter and Hundley heading out to the country with George and The Man with The Yellow Hat. There, they help Hundley learn to love spring — whether he wants to or not.

My 6-year-old said he really enjoyed the special and added, “I didn’t know this was a music video. I like that.” Yes, this special includes music. It’s not Jack Johnson, but it’s certainly a nice touch. If you need a further endorsement, my son immediately asked for a repeat viewing, so I don’t think he minded all that much. Neither did I.

This sweet special certainly got us pumped up for spring. In fact, we ended up spending the weekend prepping lettuce for our garden, with tomatoes to follow very soon. We also filled up the bird feeder — and believe me, the birds have been waiting for that! If you don’t have a bird feeder, PBS Kids has a little project showing you how to make one using a plastic bottle. It’s really easy and even teaches a little about recycling.

Curious George Swings Into Spring airs on PBS on Monday, April 22, 2013. Check out local listings for airtimes or snag one on DVD. Enjoy!

PBS provided me with a screener of this for review purposes.