Happy Anniversary to Me

Nine years ago today, I married my best friend. (Cue the “awww” sound effects.)

However, my fondest memory of that day was not the flowers, the prime rib or my new husband’s cousin laying on the sample bed in the hotel lobby. It came before I even walked down the “aisle.” (Those quotes are because it was really more of a hallway.)

We both love the beach and currently live about 5 minutes from the ocean’s edge. So when we found a place that would hold all of our friends and family and even put some of them up for the night, we were thrilled to find out that it was not far from that same ocean. It was a great pre-ceremony picture opp.

The ladies’ car got a little “lost” on the way to the beach, but that’s a whole other story. Just know that it was worth the black-and-white memories like the one that you see above.

After we had exhausted all of our best pre-wedding poses, it was time for some marrying. We all booked back to the hotel and had to do a quickie clean up before the big show. I stepped into the tub to wash the sand off my feet before I was to put on my princess-like wedding shoes. I turned on the faucet and…

SPLASH — right on my veil. The one that had been perfectly crafted into my perfectly coiffed hair. You’d think there had been a bulls-eye on top, the shot was so centered. I don’t remember how much was spent on that hairdo, but it seemed like everything wedding-related had an extra zero or two, so use your best guess.

I guess the chambermaid had come in while we were out, cleaned up the tub, and was meticulous about that faucet. It was a split second, as I had much faster reflexes back then. I didn’t get all bridezilla, but I did call out for my sister, who came running in with a towel.

It was a good story for the reception and it still makes me laugh 9 years later. Happy anniversary, honey!

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