My lady friends over at GeekMom are starting to wind down Star Trek Week. If you’re a fan, I suggest going back through all of the wonderful articles posted over the past few days.

Although I can appreciate the one liners, I’ve never considered myself to be much of a Trekkie. Now, I love me some Picard, I dabbled in the Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season One Blu-ray box, and would love to put this Spock cookie jar on my counter. However, I’m not much if a fan otherwise.

I am a fan of home theater though, and people sure love the Star Trek-themed theater rooms. They love to build them and love to read about them.

That’s a good thing, too — because I’ve written about a few of them. In honor of Star Trek week, I’ve rounded up four of my favorite Star Trek theaters that I’ve covered in the past. Set your faces to stun, people. Here’s the countdown (in no particular order):

Intergalactic Planetary

Image: Electronic House/Robert Brantley

An anonymous homeowner commissioned Acoustic Innovations (in Palm Beach County, Florida) to create this slick, sci-fi masterpiece. The end result has all of the bells, whistles, beeps and bloops that a Trek fan could ever want. [Read “The Most Out-of-This-World Star Trek-Themed Home Theater” on Electronic House.]

The DIY Guy

YouTube user davidegg22 has surrounded his 120-inch screen, his Optoma 1080p projector and his 7.1 surround sound with all kinds of super-cool Star Trek goodies. He says he was inspired by Gary Reighn’s “Bridge,” which is another awesome Star Trek theater — just not one that I wrote up. [Read “DIYer Shares Star Trek Home Theater Build” from Electronic House.]

The Real Thing, Baby

Some of the other Star Trek-themed theaters may look like the real thing. However, Gary Sekulow has actual memorabilia incorporated into his creation. Sekulow bought two original Star Trek consoles at a Christie’s auction and got Design Cinema Privee to help him incorporate the goods into this fabulous theater room. [Read “Original Star Trek Props Anchor Home Theater” on Electronic House.]

Dee-luxe Apartment in the Sky

Tony Alleyne transformed his place into a shrine to Star Trek: Voyager only to put the place up on eBay. Despite rumors of an $850,000 sale, Alleyne seemed to still have the place — until news broke that his estranged wife was making him give up the sci-fi-themed flat. [Read “Catching Up with the Star Trek Apartment Guy” on Electronic House.]