4 Burning Questions About That Weeds Finale

Weeds Photo: © Michael Desmond/SHOWTIME

It’s been about a week since we said goodbye to Showtime’s comedy, Weeds. Maybe you said goodbye quite some time ago. That said, the show certainly went out on a high (yeah, I said it), with approximately 1.28 million viewers.

I needed time to decompress — and watch the finale on my DVR. I finally made it through that last episode, as I’ve persevered with every previous season and every previous episode.

Did it go downhill after they left Agrestic? Well, of course. However, it would have been lame if they were hanging around the same town, selling the same MILF weed to the same characters for eight seasons. Believe me, I’ve encountered plenty of people like that over the course of my life. None of them were sitcom material.

That said, I thought the show was just fine for the most part. I never really understood people that gave up on the show only to say it hasn’t been good since season [fill in the blank]. If they gave up on it, how the hell would they know? Maybe it got awesome!

Weeds never got awesome again, but it was entertaining enough. Frankly, it doesn’t really owe you anything. Actually, maybe an Elizabeth Perkins appearance. That would have been nice, but I’m guessing that she left the show in a real shit-storm or something. So many other characters got to make one final appearance. It reminded me of the Seinfeld finale. They even dragged out that guy from Shameless for a nice little crossover. Was he already on the lot or something?

Besides that, the Weeds finale left me with a few burning questions:

  1. Why did they bother having Andy and Nancy hook up one episode before the finale if they weren’t going to end up together? Yes, having them stay together would have been hokey, but perfect. It’s hard to believe that after carrying a torch for eight seasons, he would storm off after that steamy 3 minutes on that random person’s lawn.
  2. Why did Megan hate Nancy so much? Did I miss something?
  3. How could Shane go from being so smart and so resourceful to so stupid and without proper shaving materials? He looked like something out of a ‘70s porn movie — and not in a good way.
  4. Why the hell was the majority of the episode focused around future Stevie?

Otherwise, the ending was fair. It’s hard to wrap up any TV show. If you’re looking for the few that got it right, check out my article for TV Fodder on “Happy Endings: The 6 Best TV Finales.”

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  1. Victor Warshauer

    I loved weeds it is too bad that it went away. Nancy was always perfect in her role. Your ending sucked it reminded me of the Sopranos ending, which also sucked. I believe you owed Nancy more. You gave a lighthearted show a harsh reality ending.

    • Yes it would have ben expected but it would have been SUCH a better ending with Nancy and Andy getting together. Its a good plot for them–at first, he annoys the shit out of her and he does so many stupid yet funny things, and she obviously grew to love him . either way they were “family” and he kinda left. at the end of the least ep (I just watched it) she was saying that they should at least live close to each other. he didn’t seem like the normal “andy” in that ep.

      as for the other questions part of this show is about the quality of nancys mothering..is that a word? well, I do watch weeds…. anyway they allude that shane growing up with \all that violence and shit cause him to kill that woman which changed him. he was at a very vurnerable age at that time. yes I know I cannot spell. also that chick silas married doesn’t like nancy because of the mothering (is that a word yet?) issue.

      the episode was centered around stevie I guess cause it was his bat mitza (im sorry I do not know how to spell that). but I guess they were also trying to explain his character b/c we missed like 7 years of his life. PS this is the first internet commnet I have ever made besides on youtube so im weirdly excited about that.

      • marmalademaze

        Your comment was the best! This post is probably really old. Nonetheless, just finished Weeds. It was on Netflix and I knew I had missed a couple seasons when it first aired so I re-watched it.

        Bittersweet. Super bummer we didn’t see Cynthia, she was my fav. I agree with wanting Andy and Nancy together.

        • Who is Cynthia??? I gave the show a chance when it first came on and it didn’t click with me however after a minor nervous breakdown in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, I started watching it practically around the clock and saw the finale this morning. Celia was my favorite character and I loved watching the kid that played her daughter progress too. I felt the show started to decline when they decided to make Celia a pathetic loser rather than the arrogant, rich-bitch with a heart she had been. And Kevin Nealon?!?!? He must be in with the creator of the show because he was horribly gross and not funny at all in any scene he was in. Why they would keep him the duration of the show and write out other truly funny characters amazes me. I loved Zoya?!?! (the house-keeper) Heylia and her crew, Sanjay, the lot of them. The show started out great, unique, funny, the whole sha-bang but became painful to watch. My feeling is Mary Louise Parker demanded the show focus only on her and when other character’s took off, she didn’t like it. Don’t get me wrong, she was great, perfect in the role but I’m certain she is most of the reason Celia (Elizabeth Perkins) so abruptly disappeared and wasn’t even mentioned for the duration of the series. Not even in the finale.

  2. Simply because they are not done yet… they left many openings for next season(whenever that will be). like you said, ‘ weeds never got awesome again” and im sure they knew that. I think they needed time to figure out where they were going. I dont believe they expected it to be the hit that it was and then have to continue writing season after season.

  3. I never subscribed to ShowTime. I always thought it was the B-Movie Porn Channel of Satellite TV. HOWEVER, WTF???? WEEDS is Streaming on Netflix. I watched episode 1 a few months ago… I just finished watching the Final Episode of Weeds on Netflix today. WHAT A GREAT SHOW!!!!!!

    How could I have missed it???

    Look. I didn’t know any of the actors. I didn’t know what a Mary-Louise Parker was either. No, I don’t live in a cave. Only my namesake on The Croods does that.

    No, I don’t smoke Marijuana. I DO LOVE GREAT CHARACTERS, STORIES, AND ACTING! I LOVE WEEDS!!!! I’ve been scrambling to find out when it was on, how long, what the actors are doing now and I want to see… “Weeds The Movie”!

    C’mon now gang! WEEDS was a SECRET to those of us in the masses who didn’t watch ShowTime! Think of the Demographics here! There are 22 million Showtime subscribers who knew about WEEDS. There are over 26 million Netflix subscribers now discovering WEEDS. There are over 300 BILLION people in the United States who watch TV and go to Movies who know NOTHING ABOUT WEEDS… Wake up now and don’t spill your Bong Water… even “Doug” could get this math, it’s yellow.. like GOLD!

    I’m a single Dad. I’m a full time worker. I own a house. I have a yard. I live in a ticky tacky box in California like the rest of the 300 BILLION who didn’t know about WEEDS.

    Make a MOVIE!!!! GET A SEASON 9 GOING!!! There are indeed many unanswered questions! There are many storylines that got cut off too soon!

    Jenji Kohan, you’ve created wonderfully funny and loveable characters. Outside of certain circles, America has been kept in the dark about them. Bring them back!!!

    – Guy Nohrenberg, author of “Am I Gay?”, “Confessions of a former Station Manager”, and “The Gorean Adventures of Fnertin Schmo”.

    • I totally agree -I would love more!!! I don’t have showtime and not even sure how I happened across it but watched the entire show over my Christmas break (I am a teacher)-and like a good book could just not get enough. Bologna that the season went downhill after season 1. It was amazing from start to finish. Amazing acting and writing-Jenji you’re brilliant!
      I personally feel Andy and Nancy were not meant to get together -he needed to find an identity for himself beyond Nancy and Nancy needed to find purpose in her life without a man. The last scene made me feel that despite Nancy’s “shortcomings” all her “boys” had her back and who knows once Andy and Nancy fond themselves so to speak they would discover they do have more.
      Shane showed significant signs of distress over losing his dad and killed someone so it was a matter of time before h wen off he deep end…
      Silas’ girlfriend was a bit of an immature bitch and although I get she was upset about his upbringing but I think she was also jealous of his loyalty to his mother.
      The last show was called the wrap up so we kind of needed info about Stevie?!

  4. Brando

    Uhm, 300 Billion in the US? You might rethink that figure… More like 8 Billion worldwide. Just sayin…

  5. tristan

    this is by far my favorite show ever the last episode was kinda disappointing though

  6. Jodie Johnson

    I watched this entire series on DVD. Just finished it the other day. Found it to be very entertaining throughout…was mildly disappointed by the last season, but long-running shows are hard to wrap up. Just look at the travesty of Seinfeld’s last episode. I do not agree that this was a “light-hearted” show. Nancy was The Mother From Hell, and it had many very dark moments. To address the “Four Burning Questions”: #1: I thought it was great that Andy and Nancy finally “coupled”. There was sexual tension between the two from the beginning, and the fact that he finally got to “sleep” with her, and then was able to walk away showed us the strength of character that we always wanted to see in Andy. Weren’t we always rooting for him to get a life?? #2: Megan hates Nancy because she treated Silas like shit, and a good wife stands by her man. That was explained in the last season when Silas tells Nancy that he can’t hate her, because he’s her son, but hell, yeah – his wife can. #3: Shane. They fucked up big-time here. As dark and complex a character as Nancy – his mother’s son, for sure – they missed major opportunities to develop his character and point toward his future. The whole rehab thing was a cop-out. I was very disappointed in that. Shane deserved better. #4: They focused on Stevie because they were wrapping up the past, and Stevie was the future. Would have helped if the actor looked more Mexican, but I understood where they were going. I am glad they showed how sad Nancy was in the last season. She should have been sad. She was selfish and impulsive, and her own wants and desires always trumped those of the people she supposedly loved. If they were trying to portray her as a mom who would do anything for her family, they missed the boat. I loved the show, but liked Celia better than Nancy.

    • Jodie Johnson

      Thanks for reading. I know – I need to get a life. : )

  7. Please bring the show back, we need a follow-up, a conclusion… We need more. Please!. I so miss the show.

  8. Charles Corso

    The only series finally that was more disappointing was the ending of BSG. A real let down.

  9. Just finished Season 8 on Netflix and would LOVE to see another season or even a movie!!

  10. ok so im going answer the 4 questions bc it seems no one else has, or they havent answered correctly

    1)why did andy end up fucking nancy?
    – basically Andy was looking to be “released” from Nancys iron fist. If you remember when they were making hash in the hotel, they were waiting for a bus and Andy asked to be released. Nancy, obviously, said no. This meant that Andy was gunna follow Nancy for a little while longer. Andy had a major realization, when talking to the rabbi in the hospital after Nancy got shot, that he was still under Nancys control and he needed to get his shit together and leave. (but then everything happen with jill and he stayed)
    So similarly to how Nancy burnt the house down at the end of season 3 to give Judahs death some closure, Andy gave the past 8 years closure by having sex with her.

    2)Why does Meghan hate Nancy?
    – Im guessing that at some point in the 7 years after Silas and Meghan met again, they had some sort of conversations about what the fuck happen. In this Meghan learns to strongly dislike Nancy because she thinks that she stole Silas’s childhood. She also thinks shes kinda of a selfish bitch because lets be real, during the show Nancy was portrayed that way.

    3)How did Shane end up that way?
    – As we know, Shane decides to become part of the NYPD. After meeting the other cop, (his name is escaping me at the moment) Shane learns the ways of being a crooked cop. This is most likely why he shows up with, whats believed to be, hookers. Shane was also kinda fucked up after killing Pilar so i dont think anyones surprised to see hes a little messed up when hes older. I mean this is also the child who shot a cat because he thought it was a mountain lion.

    4)Why was the finale focused more on Stevie?
    – The finale wasnt so much on Stevie as it was on how Nancy didnt fuck up with Stevie. In between the block dances and running from the Mexican drug cartel along with the crazy fatherless sons with guns she didnt have much time to successfully parent Shane and Silas throughout their teenage years. The finale showed how Nancy kept to her promise of raising Stevie right and having him grow up normal. We also see that the relationship between Stevie and Nancy have a more “mother-son” relationship, compared to Silas and Nancy were more buisness partners than anything. Also shed light on the fact that everything gets better for Nancy, no matter what happens to her.

    hope this helped 🙂

    • Ah just thought I’d point out. Shane didn’t shoot a cat he thought was a mountain lion. He shot the actual lion. Told nancy he got it in the eye and in the last few seconds of the episode she sees it walking outside with a bleeding eye. In a later episode she mentions that he shot it as well.

    • Megan velez

      To address your number 3, Shane did shoot the mountain lion. He tells his mom he hit it on the eye. They end the episode with a clip of the mountain lion in their backyard, and show that the mountain lions eye has a huge scar on his eye. Then the shot goes back to Nancy as she smirks at the realization that her son wasn’t lying to her.

  11. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s comments, however with regards to question 3 I feel Meghan was just as annoying as her stupid spoiled brat husband. You see Silas over the years felt as if his mother owed him something, he suffers from what I like to call Rich Kid syndrome(I’m sure there’s a proper name for it). Spoiled a$$ kids growing up with a false sense of entitlement only to become greedy annoying cry baby adults. You see when stuff hit the fan Nancy did what she needed to survive. She had an expensive home two kids growing up in affluent Agrestic. Now, I’m not say what she did was right but we must keep in mind that she too lost someone in a tragic way and that may have triggered somethjng in her to go down that path. Instead of Silas being there for her and trying to help her stay clean and stop doing what she was doing he begged to get in the business and somehow figured out a way to blame all of his life’s problems and failures on her.

    Now I agree with Mike’s assessment of Shane, I mean seriously the kid lost his marbles when his father dropped dead in front of him. Then he becomes the protector of the family the one who is willing to do whatever it takes to protect them including murder and infiltrating the police department. However, Mike was wrong Shane did hit the Mountain Lion, Nancy thought it was the cat until at night when they were watching a movie she saw thd Mountain Lion walk past her patio door with blood on its cheek. Shane is the best character there he defknitely deserved a better story ending, however life is messy and sometimes the ones who we cheer for just dnot measure up.

    As for Stevie who care about him. The kid barely makes an appearance throughout the show only to be the center of attention at the end.

  12. I am a HUGE fan of weeds. Seen every season more than once.. I’m watching the 5 th season now.
    But, is it really just me, or is Shane’s poor acting is almost annoying.
    I’m not hating on the character, I just feel like his facial expressions seem so
    “Fake”….I don’t know how to explain why I think his acting is bad, I’m no professional… just my opinion
    And I wondered if I was the only one with it.

    • Simon

      I couldn’t agree more, the portrayal of Shane was as unconvincing as the fake mustache he wore in the finale, which in itself was watered down and lacking any real poignancy. Shane was poorly cast and I guess always looking 14 made the whole Cop side story so weak and unbelievable, it should have ended with Shane shooting his brother or something, or even just a deep convo between Andy and Nancy alone somewhere, also The character of Doug although funny at times really should have been written out of the show many seasons earlier

    • Yes, his acting is terrible and as much as I enjoyed the series, I don’t get why on earth the would stick with Kevin Nealon for the duration. I’ve never found him consistently funny anyway but in this show, he was horrible. He must be in with the writing team or creator because I lost complete interest in any scene that included him. It’s like they would throw him some gross crap and a few minutes whenever they needed filler for a lacking story line. Hard to fathom why they’d meet his salary demands and let Elizabeth Perkins who brilliantly played Celia walk.

  13. Esther L

    I just re discovered weeds a couple weeks ago and binge watched it in about 4 days. I haven’t watched anything good since then. Ugh this show gets you so caught up it sucks they won’t have another season. I’m hoping they do weeds reunions from time to time because it’s just an awesome show and the actors have major chemistry!

    My opinion
    1. I think it was supposed to be an emotional episode and to basically show that look Andy was trying so hard to be with her changed his whole lifestyle kind of and helped her out in many many ways and she would always treat him like scum fucking who ever had the best drugs. & so after he had her he probably just realized that it wasn’t what he expected especially having sex right where his brother HER HUSBAND Died. I think after that happened he just realized like “wtf am I doing”

    2. Silas girlfriend said she didn’t like Nancy because of all the resentment she caused in Silas childhood. Which makes no sense because Megan had aborted his baby and her dad punched him. Nancy was an involved mother (not well but involved) & she was on his side. But Megan could’ve used an ass whooping the old Nancy Botwin would’ve put her in her place fast lol

    3. I think basically they were worried about Shane all along because he was weird and the show proves that the worry wasn’t for nothing

    4. I think it was based around Stevie because it shows that he was more involved in school and he was a really good basic kid in soccer. It was showing Nancy had really changed and she was giving Stevie what she had failed to give Shane after his fail.

    My opinions though! But great fucking show. It’s funny AF had me laughing al the time

  14. Really late comment but yes (sorry for the major delay although we have only, 3 more years to their future 😉 )

    1. Andy got what he finally wanted, which was to sleep with the “love of his life”, however two things occurred. One he realized that having sex is not the same as love and he does not know how to feel love, which can be noticed by the pure sexual relationship that he and Jill had or with the waitress. Hence he ran because he did not feel satisfied and felt that he messed up, coming to my second point of him feeling humiliated. If anyone has read “Brave New World”, Andy can represent John (the noble, yet Shakesperean, savage), while Nancy can represent Lenina (the completely loose canon, which “blew” anyone she could). John loved Lenina with passion, just like Andy loved Nancy, however the surcumstances prevented them, hence when John and Lenina had sex during solidarity service, he could not forgive himself, because he was not noble anymore, and stooped to such low ground ( the endings are completely different though 😀 )

    2. I’ve heard this from many people I know, “I’ll never have kids”. Having kids means having responsibility, and when an individual takes the paternal road the have already made a choice to protect their own. Megan received this wisdom after becoming a mom, and is cautious around Nancy, as she represents arrogance and as many say “being a sociopath”. Therefore, this comes across Megan, who has just realized how important being responsible is, as a warning to not give her child to a person, who could not raise her kids with the love, which she has for her own. (Hence Silas’ monologue about forgiving her, otherwise why would he even tell her that he has not grudges)

    3. Because instead of being raised by his mother, he was taken under the police officer’s wing. Him being a dysfunctional-impulsive-alcoholic fuck up, had an influence on Shane and his upbringing throughout his “college years” (which should teach about yourself), hence taking the footsteps and causing him to dress, act and behave like his guardian fuck up.

    4. The last episode was mostly about forgiveness and resolution. Steven being enlightened by Guiliermo about his true hereditary lines, brings back the motif of secrets,chick existed throughout the past seasons. But what differs is the reaction, which her youngest child has. He is first shocked, but then manages to forgive his mother, unlike Silas, who required time and space for himself to feel independent. Additionally, resolution is seen from Andy’s side as he reassures Nancy that she can move on and learn to live with herself.

    Sorry for the lengthy and analytical approach of the final episodes, I just finished school and I can’t enjoy a series without decoding every stylistic feature and effect. But I very much like the emotional ending, with the perfect song about self realization, which can be seen in each character from start to finish. Oh, I’m emotional now. Thank you Weeds you were an amazing show. 🙂

  15. Lorraine Samson Fabiano

    Loved the show but so disappointed there was no mention of Celia.

  16. Alexandria

    I think Nancy realizes that if she didn’t make Andy feel like he is getting what he wanted, he would leave her. And after sleeping with Nancy, he realizes that she would do anything to keep him hanging around without actually loving him back or giving him any chance at having his own family someday. I think Nancy is trying to keep him trapped and he realizes it and hence runs away.

  17. The hook up was to symbolize how Andy finally realized despite getting one thing he wanted it was too late and he was gone that’s why he ran when he left

    And nancy relized he was the last piece of Judah left besides her kids

  18. David Swana

    A BETTER FINALE: The DEA agent, who she married in Season 1, had a stash of hidden money according to his ex-wife, remember? And she thought that Nancy knew where it was. So, in the final episode, Nancy remembers a “minor detail” of their trip to Las Vegas during a return vacation, which leads them to the money. Optional: Everyone moves to Pittsburgh, and they eventually give the money to charity.

    • marmalademaze

      Hahahahaha! I laughed that whole season when Shane was obsessed with Pittsburgh, so funny. Cool in the ending Nancy says “maybe we can find a rehab in Pittsburgh.”

  19. Veronica


  20. Jimmy

    1 You make a fair point, it would probably have been better to have Andy stay with Nancy, at least for us as viewers. But it does make sense for his character to escape. He carried a torch for Nancy for at least 5 years (S04-S08), but eventually tries replacing his infatuation for Nancy with others, like Jill, and his waitress wife of 2 or 3 days. He even goes back to Agrestic (Majestic/Regrestic) to get back with Gielle(spelling?) who has absolutely no memory of him. He becomes depressed with his life, having spent his late 20’s and 30’s playing parent to Nancy’s kids, who he dearly loved, but wanted his own life. Pairing that with the fact that Nancy strung him along for seasons 6-8, and only wanted him once all of her others husbands died, and realized that she had no chance to get back with Conrad, who after being abandoned found his own happiness and success. Also, when we do see Andy again, he is finally happy, has his own house, family and an honest career.

    2 If you remember, Megan liked Nancy as a teenager, and even when she gets back with Silas, she is happy to see Nancy. Her disdain for Nancy only comes once she has spent seven years or so with Silas, and more than likely heard all of the stories in full detail of Nancy’s poor parenting, and constantly putting her children (Shane and Silas, and eventually Stevie) in danger. After Megan has a kid of her own, I assume she would never think of endangering her child as Nancy did. She probably didn’t want Nancy around her kid, in an effort to keep her safe.

    3 The character Shane always seemed to look up to and emulate the lives of his father figures. His real dad, was an engineer, so we can assume he was intelligent, and Shane seemed to spend a lot of time with him (he died while jogging with Shane). The next man Shane spends a lot of time with besides Andy a person he had known his entire life, and looked at as a friend and uncle rather than a parent, was Ignacio. When he hung around Ignacio he learned irrational violence and extreme selfishness (more so than from his mother), and began acting violent and irrational. His final father figure of the series was Oulette, who has anything but stable (an alcoholic, corrupt police officer). After spending years with Oulette, it makes sense that Shane’s behavior became very stupid. He also became an alcoholic.

    I took the part about his stupid facial hair; the overgrown sideburns in season 7 and the porn-stache in the finale, to be an easter egg from a joke from season 3’s first episode, when Zooey DeChannel’s character kidnapped him and abandoned him at the truck stop, where she says something along the lines of “…and I really think you are going to do some interesting things with your facial hair.”

    4 The Stevie story line was kind of a waste of the majority of the episode in my opinion as well, but I assume the writers wanted a way to bring all of the side characters from the early days back. It just seemed like a stupid story. It does not make sense that Nancy’s business partners would travel across the country to attend a Bar Mitzvah of a kid none of them ever got to know.

    All that being said, I did like the finale, and the show, although I personally think the show went downhill after season 3. Many of the story lines would have been just as entertaining in LA, even if Nancy went to San Diego on her own to work for Guillermo’s maternity store, while Andy took care of Shane and Silas back in Agrestic. Seeing Celia get into the pot biz with the group was fun, and it would have been cool for the writers to explore that story a bit more than 2 or 3 episodes. Conrad, Helia and Veneeta were great characters and it is a shame they were written off. Also the final two seasons were like a totally different show. After watching the series once, I found myself rewatching seasons 1-3 a lot, seasons 4-6 a bit, and 7-8 maybe once or twice more after the initial run-through.

  21. It’s the summer of 2017, and I have access to Showtime. I discovered Weeds and could NOT stop watching. I loved that show . The finale, however , left me feeling cheated out of the happy ending I so wanted to experience. I know it was in both character’s best interest to discover their own “purpose”, but that’s reality and we all have enough of reality in our daily lives. I wanted a happy ending to a light hearted show . I wanted a family who survived and stuck together against all odds, to find happiness when things became calm .
    1. Andy and Nancy. She didn’t deserve him…..no question. But I was rooting for her to discover how much she really did love him and for her to finally treat him the way he deserved to be treated. He was the kind hearted soul, the glue of that family, and he bailed. I felt that when he left, the kids suffered again. I wanted that unrealistic happy ending to escape all the REAL crap of the world for one evening. I cried like a baby when Nancy begged to give him everything. She was so desperate. She had been strong all her life, and then in her honest, vulnerable moment, her heart that had been frozen since Judah’s death unfroze……only to be broken. It hurt to watch that moment.
    2.Megan… What a selfish person. She broke Silas’s heart in a way that Nancy never could when she aborted his child and left without giving him closure. As a mother, Nancy had every right to dislike HER. That child is Nancy’s grandchild and Silas is her son. She didn’t need to like Nancy, but using the baby to punish her disgusted me. Nancy wasn’t going to take the baby …….she just wanted to hold her grandchild. Megan was a huge disappointment to me.
    3.Shane. I loved his character . He was always trying to compete with Silas for Nancy’s love and respect. He deserved a better ending. I would have felt better if he had agreed to stay with Nancy while he worked on getting his life together just so they would have an opportunity to develop a closer relationship. It seemed like she doted much more over Silas…..although she did go to prison for Shane. She also went to prison to save herself from certain death from Esteban.
    4.Stevie………..I didn’t get to be invested in this character. I do agree that he represents the future and demonstrates how Nancy got herself together and did a good job of raising him. This brings me full circle to Andy. Nancy finally became the person that Andy deserved. I know he deserved his own happiness. but I was rooting for it to be with Nancy.
    I needed a happy ending . My heart was broken for the first time in the entire series. And then it was over.

    • marmalademaze

      I agree! I was pissed about Megan, annoying. It was good seeing Andy. I think they finally would have been really good together by the end.

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