4 Burning Questions About That Weeds Finale

Weeds Photo: © Michael Desmond/SHOWTIME

It’s been about a week since we said goodbye to Showtime’s comedy, Weeds. Maybe you said goodbye quite some time ago. That said, the show certainly went out on a high (yeah, I said it), with approximately 1.28 million viewers.

I needed time to decompress — and watch the finale on my DVR. I finally made it through that last episode, as I’ve persevered with every previous season and every previous episode.

Did it go downhill after they left Agrestic? Well, of course. However, it would have been lame if they were hanging around the same town, selling the same MILF weed to the same characters for eight seasons. Believe me, I’ve encountered plenty of people like that over the course of my life. None of them were sitcom material.

That said, I thought the show was just fine for the most part. I never really understood people that gave up on the show only to say it hasn’t been good since season [fill in the blank]. If they gave up on it, how the hell would they know? Maybe it got awesome!

Weeds never got awesome again, but it was entertaining enough. Frankly, it doesn’t really owe you anything. Actually, maybe an Elizabeth Perkins appearance. That would have been nice, but I’m guessing that she left the show in a real shit-storm or something. So many other characters got to make one final appearance. It reminded me of the Seinfeld finale. They even dragged out that guy from Shameless for a nice little crossover. Was he already on the lot or something?

Besides that, the Weeds finale left me with a few burning questions:

  1. Why did they bother having Andy and Nancy hook up one episode before the finale if they weren’t going to end up together? Yes, having them stay together would have been hokey, but perfect. It’s hard to believe that after carrying a torch for eight seasons, he would storm off after that steamy 3 minutes on that random person’s lawn.
  2. Why did Megan hate Nancy so much? Did I miss something?
  3. How could Shane go from being so smart and so resourceful to so stupid and without proper shaving materials? He looked like something out of a ‘70s porn movie — and not in a good way.
  4. Why the hell was the majority of the episode focused around future Stevie?

Otherwise, the ending was fair. It’s hard to wrap up any TV show. If you’re looking for the few that got it right, check out my article for TV Fodder on “Happy Endings: The 6 Best TV Finales.”


  1. Victor Warshauer says:

    I loved weeds it is too bad that it went away. Nancy was always perfect in her role. Your ending sucked it reminded me of the Sopranos ending, which also sucked. I believe you owed Nancy more. You gave a lighthearted show a harsh reality ending.

  2. Simply because they are not done yet… they left many openings for next season(whenever that will be). like you said, ‘ weeds never got awesome again” and im sure they knew that. I think they needed time to figure out where they were going. I dont believe they expected it to be the hit that it was and then have to continue writing season after season.

  3. I never subscribed to ShowTime. I always thought it was the B-Movie Porn Channel of Satellite TV. HOWEVER, WTF???? WEEDS is Streaming on Netflix. I watched episode 1 a few months ago… I just finished watching the Final Episode of Weeds on Netflix today. WHAT A GREAT SHOW!!!!!!

    How could I have missed it???

    Look. I didn’t know any of the actors. I didn’t know what a Mary-Louise Parker was either. No, I don’t live in a cave. Only my namesake on The Croods does that.

    No, I don’t smoke Marijuana. I DO LOVE GREAT CHARACTERS, STORIES, AND ACTING! I LOVE WEEDS!!!! I’ve been scrambling to find out when it was on, how long, what the actors are doing now and I want to see… “Weeds The Movie”!

    C’mon now gang! WEEDS was a SECRET to those of us in the masses who didn’t watch ShowTime! Think of the Demographics here! There are 22 million Showtime subscribers who knew about WEEDS. There are over 26 million Netflix subscribers now discovering WEEDS. There are over 300 BILLION people in the United States who watch TV and go to Movies who know NOTHING ABOUT WEEDS… Wake up now and don’t spill your Bong Water… even “Doug” could get this math, it’s yellow.. like GOLD!

    I’m a single Dad. I’m a full time worker. I own a house. I have a yard. I live in a ticky tacky box in California like the rest of the 300 BILLION who didn’t know about WEEDS.

    Make a MOVIE!!!! GET A SEASON 9 GOING!!! There are indeed many unanswered questions! There are many storylines that got cut off too soon!

    Jenji Kohan, you’ve created wonderfully funny and loveable characters. Outside of certain circles, America has been kept in the dark about them. Bring them back!!!

    – Guy Nohrenberg, author of “Am I Gay?”, “Confessions of a former Station Manager”, and “The Gorean Adventures of Fnertin Schmo”.

  4. Uhm, 300 Billion in the US? You might rethink that figure… More like 8 Billion worldwide. Just sayin…

  5. tristan says:

    this is by far my favorite show ever the last episode was kinda disappointing though

  6. Jodie Johnson says:

    I watched this entire series on DVD. Just finished it the other day. Found it to be very entertaining throughout…was mildly disappointed by the last season, but long-running shows are hard to wrap up. Just look at the travesty of Seinfeld’s last episode. I do not agree that this was a “light-hearted” show. Nancy was The Mother From Hell, and it had many very dark moments. To address the “Four Burning Questions”: #1: I thought it was great that Andy and Nancy finally “coupled”. There was sexual tension between the two from the beginning, and the fact that he finally got to “sleep” with her, and then was able to walk away showed us the strength of character that we always wanted to see in Andy. Weren’t we always rooting for him to get a life?? #2: Megan hates Nancy because she treated Silas like shit, and a good wife stands by her man. That was explained in the last season when Silas tells Nancy that he can’t hate her, because he’s her son, but hell, yeah – his wife can. #3: Shane. They fucked up big-time here. As dark and complex a character as Nancy – his mother’s son, for sure – they missed major opportunities to develop his character and point toward his future. The whole rehab thing was a cop-out. I was very disappointed in that. Shane deserved better. #4: They focused on Stevie because they were wrapping up the past, and Stevie was the future. Would have helped if the actor looked more Mexican, but I understood where they were going. I am glad they showed how sad Nancy was in the last season. She should have been sad. She was selfish and impulsive, and her own wants and desires always trumped those of the people she supposedly loved. If they were trying to portray her as a mom who would do anything for her family, they missed the boat. I loved the show, but liked Celia better than Nancy.

  7. Please bring the show back, we need a follow-up, a conclusion… We need more. Please!. I so miss the show.

  8. Charles Corso says:

    The only series finally that was more disappointing was the ending of BSG. A real let down.

  9. Just finished Season 8 on Netflix and would LOVE to see another season or even a movie!!


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