Recently, I started a new gig with GeekMom, which is part of the Wired family. I couldn’t be more thrilled because this is a great bunch of women and they are nerdy as hell — which makes them even more awesome,! I have a hard time meeting moms let alone geek moms, so this is a real treat.

Speaking of treats: One of my first writing assignments for them was an interview with Gerald Casale, one of the founding members of DEVO. Yes, the DEVO.

The guy was insanely nice and had some controversial things to say, making for an interesting interview. Even more shocking was that people don’t seem to know who DEVO is. This revelation makes me officially feel old.

Enjoy rocking out to a little DEVO below. Then, go check out my GeekMom interview titled, “Dogs, Mitt Romney and the Future of DEVO.”

Devo – Whip It by jpdc11