Inspired by another Trek-themed theater, this DIYer goes where others have gone before.

We’ve seen a lot of Star Trek-themed theaters over the years (like here, here and here). However, one DIYer didn’t just ogle over the pictures and comment about what he would have done better. He was actually inspired to build his own room, and document the build on YouTube.

A YouTuber named davidegg22 says that his project was inspired by Gary Reighn’s “Bridge” home theater seen on Electronic House. The 10-week build in 2010 went in three stages. First, David installed wall treatments with the star ports. Next, he fired up LCARS on a Dell laptop and installed an Optoma TX1080 1080p DLP projector, a 120-inch screen, and 7.1 sound. To complete the project, he installed turbo-lift doors, lighting, and a variety of finishing touches.

Check out davidegg22’s 10-minute YouTube video, which documents the building process:

Other tweaks include X10 lighting, a Sony Blu-ray player and Western Digital’s WDTV box connected to a 1TB hard disk and 5TB media server. If you’re looking to ogle (or be inspired by) the finished project, check out the video below. Just know that David says, “Yes, my wife is happy!”

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