Razzie nominations came out this week, and I think we can just cut to the chase and give everything and anything to “Sex and the City 2.” Yes, even the 3D category.

I was forced to review “Sex and the City 2” last year. OK — I wasn’t really forced, but being paid for the effort wasn’t even worth the scorching of my eyes that was this movie. If you ever get the urge to go out and rent this movie, you should just flush your money down the toilet. The event would be just as satisfying, with a better plotline.

In case the urge comes back, read my review of “Sex and the City 2.”

I loved the series, but hated the first movie. The second movie actually made the first one look like “The Godfather” — and not part 3. If they wanted me to like it, they should have rated it a five-Cosmopolitan minimum.

With or without payment and Cosmos, I probably would have subjected myself to “Sex and the City 2” because I’ve been riding that train for so long. It really seems pointless to get off now. (See also: “Entourage.”)

However, “Sex & the City 2” is so bad, that it gets my vote (for all that’s worth) as the absolute worst movie of 2010. I would rather sit through “Saw 3D,” “The Last Airbender,” “The Nutcracker in 3D” and “Little Fockers” in one giant poop-tacular film festival.

Apparently, there are no plans for a third movie. However, if that’s a remote possibility, they’d better get cracking. Otherwise, it’s going to be “Sex and the Senior Center.” I know, I know… it’s wrong to crack on these aging ladies. I’m no spring chicken myself, but I’m also not commenting on my crotch every five seconds on the big screen. At least not yet. I am still waiting for my movie deal.