Not disgusted enough by the Kardashians, Speidi, the Real Housewives, and everything else VH1, E! and your basic cable channels can offer? The streaming media moguls at Roku have just announced plans to add WealthTV to their lineup, and yeah, it’s pretty much what it sounds like.

WealthTV is a luxury lifestyle network. If you were a big fan of “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous,” this is sort of like a continuous loop. However, there’s no Robin Leach (that I know of), and it’s in sparkling high-def.

Expect “world travel, outrageous cars, culinary delights, top fashion, international news, movies” and a ton of tacky crap you’ll never be able to afford. Even better, if you want to watch someone else’s privileged life, it’s going to cost you $2.99 per month. Enjoy!