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I realize that I haven’t blogged in a while. Get off my back; I’ve been busy! As proof, here are five of my most recent Blu-ray reviews:

Buried: Sexiest man alive Ryan Reynolds becomes sweatiest man alive.

Backdraft: Remember when Billy Baldwin was THE Baldwin? Neither do I. This is a nice (but cheesy) refresher course.

Howl: Proof that James Franco looks hot in anything.

24: Season 8 – The Complete Final Season: Jack Bauer + explosions equals fun for most of the family.

The Town: I love rooting for the underdog. For some reason, Ben Affleck is that underdog. Nice to see him get some props here.

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  1. I love your reviews! And I *can* remember when Billy Baldwin was the IT Boy. Then there was that magnificently horrible movie with Cindy Crawford … and then I don’t think I saw him again until he showed up on Parenthood.

  2. rachelcericola

    Thanks Amanda! Billy Baldwin was actually on another show with Peter Krause, called “Dirty Sexy Money.” Horrible title, horrible show. I still loved it though. It reminded me of “Dynasty,” and was sort of a guilty pleasure.

  3. Art Callaghan's Belly

    I perferred the movie Blackdraft. It didn’t have any Baldwins in it. Well maybe they were in blackface but I wasn’t looking at faces.

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