I recently reviewed this Harmony remote. Got to love Harmony. It’s so easy, my parents could use it. Well, maybe not my parents — but someone’s parents.

One thing I wish I had mentioned in the review: If you drop-kick the remote, it makes you go through the initial “welcome” motions to get back to controller town. Of course, I didn’t discover this until after the review was published. It has all of your settings stored, but if you’re scrambling to watch American Idol, there could be 30 seconds of panty-bunching.

That said, I love it and I am giving this a shout-out for two reasons:

  1. I no longer have to get off the couch if I want to watch a Blu-ray or DVD.
  2. It’s under a $100.

Can you really put a price on sloth?

Buy yours here:

If you still think it’s too pricey, here are two other alternatives — ya cheap bastard!