Last night, I did something magical. I actually doubled our dinner so that I would have a second meal for later use. This allows me to schedule my laziness in advance. This tasty display is actually in my freezer right now.

It’s a Chili-Cheese Potato Casserole, by the way, made with lean ground turkey. No, it won’t end up fuzzy with chili-tasting freezer burn. The recipe comes from Once a Month Mom, who knows her poo when it comes to freezing food for later use.

I started cooking this thing with good intentions and very few ways to store it. The original plan was to freeze it in the pan we were eating out of. However, the more I stirred and seasoned, the more it looked like that idea wasn’t going to work. Thankfully, I had a throw-away pan on hand. I could actually use another set of Rubbermaid containers. They can take a serious beating. I know this from experience, since a few of them have fallen out of my freezer onto the tile floor multiple times — and they are still going strong!

Very Nice Rubbermaid Set for Under $20:

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